21 Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travelling


Planning your travels is super exciting, but when it comes to paying for travel, not so much.  Sometimes saving can feel like a daunting task; moving chunks of your earnings into an account and praying to God you don’t move them back out by the time payday comes back around.  Fear not friends, I have compiled 20 tips to save a little here and there and help your money take you from your couch to the Canary Islands.  Although lots of items on this list may seem frugal, its incomparable to the feeling of lying back on a sun lounger sipping on sangria.  Here we go:

Reconsider your outgoings. Have a look at the money you’re paying out each month – do you really need to be paying out £9.99 and £5.99 for Spotify and Netflix?  This equates to £191.76 over the year! Sacrificing Ed Sheeran for a weekend in Dubrovnik? You decide.


Budget! Although this one seems fairly obvious, it surprised me on how much money I actually saved when I sat down each month after I got paid and wrote myself out a weekly budget.  When you get paid; take away your outgoings for the month, subtract the money you need for the month such as parties, birthdays etc.  Consider all the extras, such as fuel, money for food.  Then, decide on a reasonable figure to save and a little disposable income left over. When you have an actual figure in your head of what you can save it makes it much easier to cut down.

Cancel your gym membership. Between YouTube and Pinterest, you can come up with plenty of at-home workouts.  Running outside tends to be more fun than running on a treadmill anyway.  Even if you attend one fitness class each week, this is still cheaper than your monthly gym membership fee.


Cut down on the nights out. If you’re a bit of a party animal like myself, this is often easier said than done.  In my group of friends, there is usually 2/3 nights out a month on the cards.  Save money on the cheeky one-off nights out by having your mates round for a night in instead. Put it this way, for every night out you sacrifice here, you earn yourself one in a more exotic location like Thailand, so you’re not exactly hanging up your Saturday night sliders forever.

If you can’t skip a night out, or have a birthday or a celebration, re-evaluate your spending habits when you are out socialising. Taking the car is an excellent idea, your bank account and body with thank you the next morning.  If you can’t bear the thought of a night out being sober whilst your pals are on one (like me), then maybe this isn’t for you.  Drink beers – they take longer to drink so you can pace yourself.  Avoid shots.  At all costs.

If you’re a big fan of your hair and makeup products, you could potentially save yourself loads. Beauty products are certainly not cheap, so ditching your MAC foundation during the week and substituting it for either nothing or a cheaper brand could help your expensive products last longer.


Meal prepping is so beneficial in more ways than one. Taking a day out to plan your meals for the week will help you save money at the supermarket by knowing exactly what ingredients you need.  You could save even more if you are used to buying your lunch through the week or eat out often.  You might even lose a few lbs by eating healthy, home prepped meals – so you’ll thank yourself when you’re strutting  in your swimsuit in Florida!


As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Sites like eBay and Depop transform your unwanted possessions from dust collectors to coin collections.  Put away any money you earn from this into a separate account or a money bank and you might be surprised at how much you could fetch.  It’ll make your home look tidier too.

Look at changing bank accounts that could potentially earn money. Some banks such as Tesco offer 3% interest current accounts.  Every little helps, as they would put it.

Start saving with a porcelain or tin piggy bank. Some of these allow you to insert up to £200 in coins.  By adding a little loose change every other day, you won’t notice, but let it build up over the course of weeks\months, and you’ll want to give yourself a big slap on the back.  Who cares if it looks daft – money, yay!

Get creative! Thanks to websites like Pinterest, it’s never been easier to get a wee bit arty-farty. If you have any birthdays or events coming up, have a browse and see if you can find any quirky home-made gifts you could try your hand at.  You might even find yourself a new hobby that could earn some extra money by selling your crafts on Etsy, or something similar.


Start earning money online. If you’re good at writing, you could try your hand at earning money on UpWork.  This is a website for freelance work. Copywriting, proofreading, and virtual assistant jobs come up frequently, and you could earn yourself some extra cash in your spare time.  You can find the link here: https://www.upwork.com/ab/find-work/

Instead of eating out or ordering a takeaway, try recreating the same dishes at home. This could save you a fortune if you’re a bit of a foodie like myself.  Again, Pinterest is your savior.  You could even make a night of it with some of your pals.

Have a look at websites such as TopCashback, where you can earn cash back (funnily enough), as you shop with top retailers.

Earn cash back with YouGov surveys. Download the app and you can earn £50 by doing surveys in your spare time.

Buy in bulk. If you run out of any household necessities, keep an eye out for offers such as 3 for 2.  Do you really need to buy 100 toilet rolls at once? No, but it means you don’t have to worry about it again for a while and may save yourself a few extra pennies.

Downgrade your TV packages. Although there are fewer channels, there are other ways to watch your favourite shows and films.  Turn your TV into a smart one by purchasing an Amazon Firestick, so you don’t have to miss out on your favourite programmes.

Buy second hand. Before you think about splurging in Topshop, have a look on eBay, or local charity shops for equally as nice stuff at a fraction of the price, and is also kinder to the environment.  If you really can’t resist, google discount codes or if you know any students, ask to borrow their student discount.

Hitting the supermarkets at the right times can save you loads.  They have specific times when they reduce items that are approaching their best before date – make the most of this by grabbing your groceries for the evening’s dinner and freeze the rest for another day.  Most of the time they are less than half price.

Be savvy when it comes to expensive hair and beauty treatment by finding out at your local college when they require models.  I got 3 waxing treatments done for under £10 once – there was absolutely no difference in end result apart from me being better off.

Attention bookworms! Save yourself a fortune by signing up for a library card instead of overspending in Waterstone’s and on Amazon.  You can find everything from guidebooks to biographies and everything in between.


Here we have it.  I hope some of these come in useful for you, and please let me know if you have any swear-by methods of saving the pennies. It might feel a bit frugal at first but small lifestyle tweaks all add up to make a difference.


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